Semi is a new media artist originally from Taiwan, who is dedicated to interdisciplinary arts such as data visualization through bio-medium, kinetic installation and real-time projection mapping. He received a BS degree in Agricultural Economics and a MS degree in Psychology from National Taiwan University. In 2015, he graduated from the MFA program of Film, Video, New Media and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). His artwork has been exhibited at the National Academy Museum in New York (2013), the Sullivan Gallery in Chicago (2015), the D’Clinic studios in Zalaegerszeg (2016) and the Onsite Visual in Taipei (2016). He was also a board member and event coordinator of the art program, Eye and Ear Clinic at SAIC (2014) and the Taiwanese organization, Café Philo at Chicago (2015).


Born in Taiwan, 1989. Lives and works in London, Berlin and Taipei.

Naifei is an artist working primarily in video, installation, web projects, and other process-based, post-studio practices. Centering around topics such as translation, mediation, empirical experiences and cognitive models, an inter-personal approach is often employed in her works in the form of playful and open-ended frameworks that invite participation from the public.


Haoshin Chang is an artist, researcher and educator that crosses over fields of art, science and technology (AST). With an emphasis on the hybridized, interwinding social-cultural linkage in AST, his research interest focuses on Science Studies, STS, Bioart and other interdisciplinary studies related to science. Graduated in Life Science at Taiwan University and later received M.F.A. in Trans-disciplinary Art at Taipei University of Arts, he has involved in various academic fields, including coral reef ecological studies, history of contemporary feminist artists in Academia Sinica, as well a lecturer in Roy Ascott Detao Studio at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. He has also worked in science communication and information design as a curator and a producer, and has collaborated with NGOs, corporations, museums and festivals in Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai. He has presented works and research in ISEA, Aichi Arts Center, China Art Academy among the others. He is the founding member of Bioart Taiwan ( and (群島), an autonomous community that explores issues about open sourcing, civil technology, bio-technopolitics while connecting the local group to global networks.


Chia-Ru Chen, a taiwanese artist who lives and works in Taichung. After receiving her B.F.A degree in Sculpture, Installation, and Multimedia from Taipei University, she focuses her lens on the issues of natural environments, and the conflicts between city and countryside. Her art projects not only explore the meanings of the daily objects and the surroundings as the real presence of now, but considering the path of its history. Chen bases her work on the observations of links between spaces and people in her daily encounters. Bringing art to local communities, she constantly creates art work to explore all kinds of possibilities, and let the process of creating be like an open and diverse dialogue. For her,”Art” should be more than a delicate display in the gallery, but a process containing mutual interactions.


Inspired by the new wave of creative robotic, this is a practice to utilize programmable robotic arm to design and make previously unmakeable shapes/objects in architecture/interior/furniture field. With years of experiences in the architectural and interior design field, we are here to help you investigate production solution of your innovative ideas. We hope our practice can re-establish the long lost connection between design and making, breaking the bottleneck of construction technique strangling the ever-increasing creative landscape in architectural and design.


The Whyixd Interactive designing dedicated to border-crossing integration and innovation. Our group contains variant interdisciplinary talents from artist, mechanical engineer to designers. Break down barriers between different fields, make collisions between ideas to create more imagination and fun. Make technology friendlier to user. Provide the latest creative ideas and complete new style designing service to our customer.


The center aims at developing algal biotechnology with specialists from various disciplines. Our current focuses include: 1. Collecting domestic algae specimen in Taiwan for algal genome database; 2. Developing techniques and platforms for algae mass production, enclosed algal cultivation, analysis and identification; 3. Developing algae-related products; 4. Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and exchanges with professionals of other fields. Founder and director, Dr. Chen Chun-Yen, works as associate researcher at NCKU Biotechnology Center. During his term, he has contributed 70 journal articles and 80 conference papers with success.





Special thanks

Yin Chung AU,   Hsiao Hsien CHANG,   Cheng Yu CHEN,   Heng An CHEN,   Cheng Yeh HAN, Ping,   Hung HSIN,   Chin HSU,   Tzu Ling LEE,   Escher TSAI,   Ming TSAI,   Ming TURNER,   MORiii



2018.10.16  - 11.11
國立台灣美術館 205展間

16 Oct. - 11 Nov. 2018
  Gallery 205, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  No.2, Wuquan West Rd., Sec.1, West District, Taichung City 403, Taiwan